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BCA Interiors

BCA Interiors is an interior design firm founded by Belén Campos in 1992. Its team of young professionals focuses on the advising, design and direction of building works, both in new constructions and reform works of homes, flats, apartments, as well as offices and commercial spaces.

The firm was created to accomplish two key objectives that we believed scarcely pursued in the field: to finish the works in time and within the budget limits.

Our motto is: “Just in time, Just in price”

BCA INTERIORS is composed on the one hand by a multidisciplinary group of in-house professionals of whose expertise concerns interior design, architecture, styling, as well as management and marketing, on the other, by a group of outside collaborators, all professionals in each of their areas of construction who have now worked with us for 20 years.

The style of BCA projects is:

  • Timelessness
  • Functionality
  • Exquisite use of color
  • Exclusivity
  • Care for detail

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