Rehabilitation of rustic homes in harmony with the environment. Redistribution and optimization of spaces.

In all our rural projects we place special emphasis on the use of noble and native materials: recycled wood, manual cooking pavements, stones and iron. With the current technological means and taking into account the craft traditions of each place, we intend to cause the minimum environmental impact.

Likewise, it is of vital importance for BCA, the use of alternative energies that take into account sustainability and energy efficiency.
The treatment of color remains a key element in the consolidation of rural projects. The use of natural colors and pigments, as well as the use of techniques from the past, help us achieve the desired environment.

For the selection of furniture, we are interested in both the recycling of furniture and the acquisition of furniture at fairs and antique shops. The reuse of textiles and old carpets help us to consolidate these spaces.

Our team collaborates with industrialists from the different areas where we work.