Tres Torres apartment

Date December 2009
Location Tres Torres, Barcelona
Category Urban

How nice it was to make the reform of a house so bright and with such spectacular views! A floor of 300 m2 for a family of 7 people. Our priority was to define the spaces to zonify them and create a good habitability. The owners had some antiques that were replaced in order to make them more contemporary. The contrast of materials and colors helped us to do it so.


The marble floor in the noble area was preserved. We use shades of dark gray for the walls of the living room, and we paint stripes of two colors, in the dining room, to create a more modern continent.
In the kitchen we use red as a motivating element against the white of the furniture and the gray of walls and floors.
In the textiles we were daring in the contrasts and textures to refresh the furniture.