Semi-detached House Cerdanya

DateJuly 2021
LocationCerdanya, Girona

During the Pandemic, our clients challenged us to distribute and decorate this newly built semi-detached house in La Cerdanya. Despite the circumstances, the project was a great illusion; as well as an escape valve from the city.
We have the collaboration of a great team of local industrialists who helped us to carry it out in a timely and proper manner.


As it is a second residence with four floors, we tried to unify it in materials and textures, giving it a functional, warm and timeless air.
In this way we choose the same water-varnished oak wood for floors, cabinets, doors, stairs and kitchen.
The color palette is neutral and the same in all rooms; there being some chromatic variation in the textiles.
As for the furniture, we try to simplify as much as possible by using the same elements in almost all rooms; that both serve for interior and exterior. See chairs and tables.
In short, we try to create a practical, welcoming environment that will last over time.