SarriĆ” Apartment

DateSeptember 2018
LocationSarriĆ”, Barcelona

This apartment is the division of a large apartment into two houses. Part of the result is this 75m2 ground floor and 18m2 terrace.
It consists of: living room-dining room-kitchen-terrace in the day area; and two rooms with their respective bathrooms.
Thanks to the openings in the main facade we managed to bring a lot of light.


Our main premise was to gain space. To do this, all the partitions that crushed this space were destroyed. We create two very different areas, the day zone is all open and the night one is more private.
We turn the hall into the common thread of the house, through a single piece of furniture that goes from the entrance to the terrace. This element is at the same time a closet, study and bookstore. It was made in lacquered DM in the same color as the whole house and was illuminated by a led wall washer.
The floor plays a very leading role. We use a wide plank porcelain tile for the whole house, including the terrace, which helps to give greater amplitude and fluidity to the house.

Styling: Olga Gil Vernet
Photography: Pere Peris