Pedralbes Apartment

DateMarch 2014
LocationPedralbes, Barcelona

We faced a great challenge with this floor, because it was a crushed space, full of small rooms. The family, made of five members, had very specific needs. They required a main room with dressing room and bathroom; and two rooms that shared a bathroom and a toilet.
On the other hand, taking into account the ages of the children, it was essential to create a game room.
The reception area should be wide and should include a separate lounge, dining room and library. Likewise, the kitchen-office and laundry room had to occupy a separate and differentiated area.


As a dwelling included in an emblematic building we decided to maintain all those constructive elements that characterize it.
The exterior joinery was kept in wood and insulated with double glass and weather stripping. The original parquet was in very bad condition, so we proceeded to install it again in its original form of spike.
In the house there were some boiseries and bookstores of the time that were obsolete. To update them, we adapt the varnish and place shelves in stainless steel.
In the areas of most use, vinyl wallpaper with striking patterns that give great warmth to the environment was placed.