Optics Store

DateMarch 2007

Our client already had a well-known optics in the area of the universities of Valencia. He decided to open another place in the center, which was something very different and exclusive. His premise was: “I do not want it to look like a store, but rather a place to relax, chat and, at the same time, see special glasses”. Actually, if we look at it from the window, it is hard for us to understand what this business is dedicated to.


The imagination overflowed us, first with the color of the walls, and then with the mixture of fabrics of enormous patterns and textures. We use furniture, sofas, lamps and recovery mirrors or family inheritance, transforming them to print this chic and elegant aspect that this place has.
The shop windows change according to the seasons and the iron staircase, as well as the shelves helped us to give it an industrial touch.