DateJuly 2007

These offices of almost 300m2 belong to a prestigious group of consultants and economists. We are in front of a diaphanous space and we try a fluid communication between all of the rooms.
These offices allow to reflect team work. Our clients wanted a warm, relaxed and timeless atmosphere. They wanted their staff to work collaboratively, sharing spaces so that nobody had a fixed place to work. For this, we create a large central table, and a table around the entire space where staff can sit where they want.

Our Solutions

The space of about 300 m² is divided into a reception area, two meeting rooms and common bathrooms. On the other hand we have a central U-shaped room that runs through the premises and only two offices separated by glass screens.
To create this sense of unity we use a neutral porcelain floor that gives continuity to the space. For the painting of the walls a neutral gray tone was chosen that combines very well with the stainless steel of the metallic carpentry. The ceiling was unified by Pladur plates that include the luminaires.
The bathrooms were conceived as a mixed space made with very resistant materials. The red color made a difference in some furniture details.