Individual house bathroom

Date September 2003
Location Barcelona
Category Urban

This is the bathroom of the master suite of a detached house in Pedralbes, Barcelona. It is a very large space, about 20m2, with a central core where the bathtub and sink are located; which in turn communicates with the two dressing rooms. In two continuous rooms, smaller, are the toilet and the bidet; and in another the shower. All have natural light and wide views.


To continue with the uniformity of the house, we continued with the same parquet flooring in the central area and introduced the Carrara white marble for the wet areas. For the furniture under the countertop, as for the coatings of the bathtub, merbau wood was used as the soil. The toilets are suspended and stainless steel taps. The rest of the bathroom was painted with satin enamel paint of the same color as the entire suite.