House in Tarragona

DateJuly 2016

Adapting the characteristics of a home to its environment is one of our priorities. This house is located in a singular enclave of the coast of Tarragona. Its owners did not want it to be just a beach house, they were looking for a house for the whole year.
We started from a house built in the sixties, more similar, structurally speaking, to a convent than to a current home. It had thick walls, small windows, cell-like rooms, and no charm.


To adapt it to the needs of a family of five members, with the possibility of expanding, we redistribute all its interior creating four suites. Enlarge the living area, eliminating the entrance, the separate dining room and the television room. In this way we create a large space that communicates directly with the outside porch, which becomes a summer lounge.
The chromatic tonalities that we used were neutral, allowing us some concession of color in the textiles.
We reused some furniture that the clients had and did not want to get rid of like the marble coffee table in the living room for which we designed iron feet.
The landscaping was definitive in this house to give it a Mediterranean and relaxing atmosphere.