Apartament Galvany

DateMarch 2017
LocationGalvany, Barcelona

The renovation project of this 60m2 apartment in the Galvany neighborhood was very rewarding. The tuning with the clients was great from the beginning and we managed to realize it in a very short time. The house has two different areas. The day section, which includes the living room, dining room, kitchen and study. And, the night one, where the main room, the dressing room and the bathroom are located.


In order to gain amplitude, the partitions that crushed so small space were destroyed, to create two very different zones. Both of them have private terraces that we landscaped and furnished according to their different uses. We conceive the kitchen as an open space and integrated it to the rest. To provide warmth we use wallpapers in dark tones, oak wood for the floor and surrounding colors in walls and ceilings.
The lighting is through lamps, some of them reused. We only use overhead lighting in the dressing room and bathroom.
This apartment enjoys great luminosity.