Full renovation

Date February 2007
Location San Gervasio, Barcelona
Category Urbans

We are facing a three-sided attic architect Mitjans, dating from the sixties.
Located on a promontory of the San Gervasio neighborhood, with spectacular views of the city. A house that needed a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the needs of a family composed of six members.
The distribution was varied according to two zones. One day that included: living room, TV room, kitchen and terrace. And the night where the rooms and bathrooms are located.
Thanks to the closeness with the owners was a project in which we are intensely involved.


We wanted to create a current environment, but that did not go out of style. Warm, at the same time contemporary. And very consistent with the tastes of our customers. And we did it.
 The receiver was restructured in such a way that it changed its functionality, becoming a library. All the distinctive elements of the house were used. The oak doors were stripped and the bronzes polished. The herringbone oak parquet was restored and polished. The large wooden windows were arranged and the glass replaced by a camera.
On the other hand we provide the house with all the technical comforts that existed at that time.