Bonanova Apartment

DateOctober 2017
PlaceBonanova, Barcelona

It is a house of about 200m2 located in the residential neighborhood of Bonanova, Barcelona. It has a flat type layout of the Eixample, narrow and long with a large corridor and oriented north and south. The reform was made thinking of the needs of a couple without children, but who needed spaces destined for their different tasks.
In this way, the distribution was conceived in three parts: a large bedroom with living room, dressing room and bathroom; an intermediate zone with study, guest room and bathroom; and an extensive day area that includes a kitchen, dining room and a gallery that is a reading corner.


Originally it was a classic house from the 50s that was transformed a couple of decades ago. We found very different structural and decorative elements. Our goal was to keep everything that was original and incorporate contemporary decorative elements to update it to the 21st century.
To do this we use vinyl wallpaper, upholstery in natural tones and different types of lighting. Unify the house by placing a parquet in natural oak slats, as well as a unitary use of color.
We transform the distribution of the dining room having as a common thread a bookstore, which includes TV and that extends into dining room furniture. All this done in DM to paint the same tonality as the whole house.