Sant Gervasi Apartment

DateSeptember 2015
LocationSant Gervasi, Barcelona

With what enthusiasm we undertook the reform of this house. It is the union of an old house of Conserjes and some storage rooms, in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi. Knowing well the reality of the clients facilitated us to achieve an optimal result. We immerse ourselves in the project, starting with the practical destruction of the existing and we carry out a distribution adapted to a family of six members. The house is not conventional in terms of spaces, since it was difficult the disappearance of corridors and an atypical distribution was achieved, not for lack of warmth and comfort.


Our commitment was to create a timeless, warm and practical environment. For this we use new materials, different textures and a use of contrasted color. We get transformable lighting, which can be different when you want it and that can be modulated according to the different times of the day. Were preserved pieces of furniture that stand out in a more contemporary environment.
The use of new technologies and integrated domotization helped us to achieve a plus of comfort and energy savings.